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Seattle Personal Injury Client – Ryan Wong Testmonial

My name is Ryan Wong I was rear-ended in a car accident and I felt I needed a lawyer someone who represent me and kind of look out for my best interest so I was referred to the offices of Matthew Duman and associate time I was busy with work I had so many things going on with life that I just didn’t want to be consumed and have time you know taken up worrying about where to find medical documents and who to talk to and what I should say to who and this was just kind of a one-stop shop where I didn’t have to figure anything out these guys do this every single day and they know what they’re doing and so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and kind of go and try to do it myself and learn what the processes are in a situation like this because I’ve never been in it I was an easy worryfree process to work with them and they got me the results I wanted and they’re very hopeful along the way and I never had trouble getting ahold of anyone and the staff all the staff here are very friendly I think it’s important to have somebody to represent your best interest and to help you get what you deserve and so you can move on with life and not really have to worry about anything it’s very easy process I’ve never felt like my time was heavily consumed and engulfed in this whole ordeal overall you know they created a worry-free friendly environment where I was very happy with their services and I will continue to refer that I think and any line of work is hard to find anyone whether it’s a good doctor good lawyer real estate agent a good mechanic and most of what you’re going to find it word of mouth is usually the best form of advertiser for that so I would refer anyone that I know not to work with them in any auto collision related type of ordeal you.