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Attorneys Advocating For Redmond Families’ Children Who Have Been Injured

First of all, we understand how heart-wrenching it is to see your child in pain after an injury at day care, in a shopping area or in your neighborhood. The vast majority of parents take every precaution. No doubt, you have taught your children how to stay safe while crossing the street, bicycling and visiting friends’ homes. When someone or something hurts your child despite all your best efforts, you naturally want to do all that you can to make things better. Taking legal action can be an important part of the path to recovery.

At Dubin Law Group, we have years of experience helping families heal after a son or daughter has suffered harm through the negligence of others. Initial consultations are free and you will owe no attorney fees until we recover a settlement or verdict for your child.

How Are Children’s Accidental Injuries Unique?

A lack of supervision is often an indirect cause of a child’s accidental injury. Children rely on adults to watch out for them. Often, a child is hurt because of the negligence of a caregiver, teacher, religious worker, youth organization leader, family member or health care provider. If your child broke a bone or fell from a high place while on a school field trip or scouts’ outing, it is natural and right to investigate to find out who was negligent. Even if you signed a permission slip and supposedly waived your right to sue, you should get an attorney’s evaluation after an injury to your child.

A child’s fullest possible recovery from serious injuries may take years. For example, your young son or daughter might need plastic surgery after reaching their teenage years to mitigate the scarring from an animal attack or burn injury that occurred during childhood. An injury claim or lawsuit should take projected future expenses into account.

Our Redmond Lawyers Are Here For Your Family After Your Child’s Accident

Was your child hurt through any of these other common risks to children?

  • A motor vehicle accident
  • A dog bite
  • A burn injury
  • Any injury resulting from the use of a dangerous or defective toy, crib or another product
  • A swimming pool accident
  • An accident on public transportation – possibly a school bus

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