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Compensation For Injured Construction Workers

The multi-year Microsoft campus upgrade and the light rail extension to Redmond Technology Center Station are the two most prominent ongoing construction projects in Redmond. Microsoft’s campus refresh will include underground parking, 17 buildings and site development. The total estimated costs for these two megaprojects is more than $6 billion. Other ambitious local commercial and residential property building projects underway include mixed-use developments that integrate housing, retail space and offices.

Construction in the area is healthy for the economy, but it is rarely without risks to construction workers. Builders are normally vigilant about workplace safety compliance, but construction jobs by nature involve potentially dangerous activities for workers. At Dubin Law Group, we are proud to provide valuable legal services to construction workers.

Whatever type of construction activity you or your family member was engaged in before suffering an accidental injury, we invite you to turn to Dubin Law Group with confidence. After nearly a quarter-century representing greater Seattle area residents in injury cases, we are ready to get your claim or lawsuit underway.

The Uphill Road Ahead After A Construction Accident

Through our years of law practice representing people with injuries, we are knowledgeable about the injuries you have suffered through an accident such as the following:

  • A fall from a high place or a trip-and-fall accident
  • An electric shock or explosion
  • A motor vehicle accident at a construction site
  • An amputation or crush injury possibly involving power tools or heavy machinery
  • A traumatic brain injury when a falling object struck you on the head
  • A spinal cord injury after you fell or were entrapped in some way

The ultimate cause of your accident may have been human error, work site hazards and/or urgency to meet deadlines. If we represent you, we will fight for your right to receive fair compensation for:

  • Emergency medical services
  • Operations, hospitalization and follow-up care and therapy
  • Accommodations at home after a catastrophic injury
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering and disruption of your normal life

You likely qualify for workers’ compensation, but you may also be able to recover compensation from a negligent third party. Our attorneys will investigate thoroughly to discover all sources of compensation that apply in your case. Then we will work with you to maximize your recovery.

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