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Accidents Caused by Jackknifed Semi-Trucks




At the Dubin Law Group in Seattle, we have more than 40 years of experience representing people injured after being hit by a truck that jackknifes. Our experience has taught us that different types of truck accidents may require a different approach. For example, we know that truck jackknife accident cases are more likely to require us to call upon our network of experts in order to establish exactly how and why the accident happened. We will do what is necessary to get results.


What Is a Jackknifing Accident?

When a tractor-trailer skids, the trailer can push forward and spin the vehicle around. This is referred to as a jackknifing accident. In the process, the tractor trailer may collide with one or more cars, especially if the accident takes place on a Washington highway. The size of a semi truck means that these types of accidents can be devastating

Looking Beyond the Actions of the Truck Driver

In every trucking accident case, the attorney needs to ask the question: What did the truck driver do wrong? Our attorneys will find the answer to that question, but we will not stop there. We will also find out if other mistakes were made. Did the truck company fail to properly maintain the truck itself? Did the construction or design of the road contribute to the jackknife truck accident? The answers to these questions can open up additional opportunities for us to get you compensation.

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