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Investigating the Causes of Truck Accidents





Finding the Facts Necessary to Win Your Case

Truck accident cases are significantly different than car accident cases. One of the biggest differentiating factors: The only real requirements to drive a car are a driver’s license and permission to use the vehicle. The requirements to get behind the wheel of a truck are much more thorough. Not only are there requirements that the driver has to meet, there are requirements regarding truck maintenance and inspection. Investigation frequently reveals that the cause of a truck accident was a violation of these requirements.

At the Dubin Law Group, we bring more than 40 years of experience to these cases. We understand the importance of truck accident investigations in Seattle, and we consistently use this process to gather the facts necessary to maximize compensation.

Discovery and Trucking Accident Investigations

One of the most valuable phases of litigation process is referred to as discovery. During this part of the process, our attorneys are able to ask the defendant questions in writing or under oath in a deposition. We are able to ask that the truck driver and trucking company turn over all relevant documents, from driver log books to maintenance records.

Working With Experts and Investigators

We do not take any evidence at face value. We understand that there may be details beneath the surface that require the assistance of investigators to dig up. We also know that experts may be required to analyze or reconstruct the truck accident scene, or to review mechanical or engineering issues. With access to a network of experts and investigators, we are able to get everything we need to build a successful case for you.

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