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Were You or Was Your Child Bitten by a Dog?

Washington law is very clear when it comes to dog bites – dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by a dog bite, except in cases of trespasser provocation. That means that if you were injured by a dog, regardless of whether the dog was dangerous, you can hold the owner of the dog responsible and seek compensation for your injuries and medical bills.

Seattle Attorneys Pursuing Dog Bite Injury Claims

At the Dubin Law Group, our Seattle dog bite injury attorneys aggressively pursue dog bite victims’ claims. Our significant experience representing accident victims in Seattle and throughout the Puget Sound area mean that we are prepared to handle your claim effective and efficiently.

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Seeking Financial Recovery for Dog Bite Injuries

In dog bite cases, you can recover damages whether or not the dog had bitten before, even if it is not a “dangerous breed.” While dangerous breeds are more likely to be involved in a dog attack, even gentle dogs can become aggressive. That is why Washington law protects all victims because that legislature has acknowledged that dog owners have the responsibility to train their pet.

In many cases, the owner’s insurance policy will cover the liability for dog bites as part of the homeowner’s policy. After you have been injured by a dog bite, we handle discussions with their insurance company to maximize your recovery. With more than 40 years of experience protecting injured victims, our Seattle lawyers know how to achieve results after an accident.

Dog Bite Injuries Can Be More Than Physical

The dog’s owner is strictly liable (except for trespassing or provocation) for a victim’s injuries, including permanent scars, nerve damage, or emotional trauma. In the rare cases where a dog attack is fatal, we compassionately represent family members in a wrongful death suit.

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