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Nursing Home Injuries

According to studies, one in ten elders will be the victim of abuse, and nearly 50% of vulnerable adults with dementia will experience some kind of abuse. These numbers are staggering, and reflect the high risk of simply seeking residential care, especially when a person has dementia or other cognitive impairment.

Over 1.4 Million Americans live in Nursing Homes, with another 800,000+ living in other residential care settings

Residents in Nursing Homes, Adult Family Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities are particularly susceptible to abuse and neglect. Problems with staffing, budgeting, and quality of care plague even “nice” facilities, leaving residents vulnerable to neglect, exploitation, and assault.
Family members and friends can help by making visits at different times, developing a relationship with the facility’s staff, and keeping on the lookout for possible signs of abuse or neglect.

These include:

  • Unexplained bedsores
  • Bruising
  • Fearfulness of staff
  • Sudden changes in mental status
  • Use of medications to keep residents unnecessarily sedated
  • Choking and aspiration from improper feeding
  • Repeated falls with inadequate fall measures
  • Untreated conditions, such as urinary tract infections

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