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Tips for Motorcycle Safety

 At the Dubin Law Group, our Seattle motorcycle accident attorneys have represented many motorcycle accident victims. While we take pride in standing up for the rights of injured motorcyclists, we would prefer it if these accidents simply did not happen. To that end, we offer the following Washington motorcycle safety tips to riders of all skill levels.

Safety Tip: Other Drivers Are Not Looking Out for You

It is unfortunate, but it is also realistic: the drivers you share the road with are not looking out for you. Time and time again, we hear negligent drivers use the same excuse: “I did not see the motorcycle rider.” We know that they did not see the motorcyclist because they were not looking for motorcyclists. They were only looking out for larger vehicles.

We encourage you to understand the mentality of those you share the road with. You have to watch out for them, because they are not going to watch out for you. Do everything you can to be seen. Avoid blind spots. Make sure your lights are on. Be seen!

Safety Tip: Wear Protective Head Gear

Washington motorcycle laws require that you wear a helmet. We encourage you to wear one. Avoid fines. Avoid head injuries. We also encourage you to wear other protective gear. While wearing shorts and T-shirt may be comfortable, they will not protect you if you are hit by a car or truck while riding your motorcycle.

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