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Were You Injured as a Taxi Passenger?

Have you been hit by a taxi? Were you injured as a passenger in a taxi? Are you a taxi driver injured by another negligent driver? An experienced Seattle taxi accident lawyer can protect your rights and help you get justice.

Taxi Accident Lawyers in Seattle

At the Dubin Law Group, our Seattle taxi accident attorneys are committed to helping people get fair compensation in these complex motor vehicle accident cases. These cases involve many factors that are not common to other types of car accidents, so our more than 20 years of experience becomes critical. Our taxi accident lawyers in Seattle know how to get results.

Compensation for Injured Taxi Drivers and Passengers

Regardless of the stereotypes, most taxi drivers are actually very good drivers. They drive for a living, so they have to be. However, the fact that they are on the road so often means they are at greater risk of accidents. Our taxi accident attorneys stand up for injured taxi drivers.

We also stand up for injured taxi passengers. Whether the taxi accident was caused by a fatigued or negligent taxi driver, or by the negligent driver of another vehicle that hit the taxi, our lawyers are ready to fight to get fair compensation for the victim.

Compensation for Victims of Negligent Taxi Drivers

Were you hit by a negligent taxi driver? These cases can be complex. The taxi may be owned by the driver or by a taxi company. Taxis are often covered by large pooled insurance policies. These policies and the companies that offer them can be challenging to deal with. We know how to deal with them in order maximize your compensation.

Were You Injured in a Water Taxi Accident in Seattle?

Seattle water taxi accidents are unique. They are not the typical taxi accident, nor are they the typical boat accident in Seattle. However, these cases involve characteristics of each. They have nuances that require the attention of an experienced Seattle water taxi lawyer.

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Our attorneys handle all motor vehicle collision cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning you will pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.