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Were You Injured While Riding a Seattle Metro Bus?

When you have been injured on a public or private bus or have been in an accident with a bus, you need a Seattle bus accident lawyer to protect your rights.

Bus Accident Lawyers in Seattle

At the Dubin Law Group, our Seattle bus accident attorneys are committed to helping clients obtain rightful compensation and justice through the legal system. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a bus accident in Washington, contact us by calling 206-800-8000 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Types of Bus Accident Cases

Bus accident attorney Matthew Dubin has extensive experience representing clients involved in city bus accidents and school bus accidents in Washington. Injuries frequently occur to passengers riding the bus, as well as pedestrians or other individuals who are hit by a bus.

Our Seattle bus accident attorneys handle all types of bus accidents, including:

  • Passengers injured on a bus
  • Vehicles hit by a bus
  • Pedestrians hit by a bus
  • Bicyclists hit by a bus

Whether your accident occurred on a public King County Metro bus, a private charter bus or a local school bus, our bus accident lawyers know how to help you recover for your injuries.

Bus Accidents and Insurance Issues

Bringing a claim for injuries sustained in a bus accident can be more difficult than a claim against a private insurance company. That is because there are special rules when bringing a claim against a public entity, such as the county, for its negligence in operating the bus. Seattle bus accident attorney Matthew Dubin has experience handling this type of mass transit claim.

When you hire a bus accident attorney who is knowledgeable in this area, you can focus on your injuries and recovery. Our lawyers know who to talk to about your accident and how to locate the bus driver’s driving history. We will use the information learned from our independent investigation to evaluate the strength of your claim to give you a realistic assessment of your case.

If You Are Injured by Another Passenger, You Can Make a Claim

You may also have a claim against a private or public bus driver if the driver failed to protect you from another passenger. The driver has a duty to maintain the safety of the passengers. We have seen cases where a drunk or dangerous passenger assaulted an innocent passenger on a bus. Our bus accident attorneys in Seattle will handle your personal injury claim if you believe that a bus driver failed to eliminate a dangerous risk aboard the bus.

Contact a Bus Accident Attorney Today!

Contact a bus accident lawyer who is dedicated to your needs and capable of recovering full compensation for your personal injury claim. We can come to your hospital or home to provide a free case evaluation. There are no attorney fees unless we recover for you, and we advance the costs of experts and resources as needed to win your case.