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Were You Injured in a Bus, Streetcar, Water Taxi or Train Accident?

Seattle has quickly developed several alternative options for commuters and visitors traveling in the Puget Sound area. People are taking advantage of public transportation, such as the streetcars, light rail and other options for travel rather than passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, operator error, mechanical failures and other dangerous conditions have contributed to numerous accidents involving these mass transit systems.

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Types of Public Transportation Accidents Our Firm Handles

At the Dubin Law Group, our Seattle public transportation accident attorneys are committed to helping clients obtain rightful compensation and justice through the legal system. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a mass transit accident in Washington, contact the Dubin Law Group.

  • Ferry accidents: Ferry accidents often result when a ferry loses power. The ferry hits the dock and a passenger is thrust overboard. We evaluate if mechanical error or other error caused the power outage. If a defective product or negligent operator is to blame, we hold the liable party responsible for injuries or death that results from the incident.
  • Street car/trolley accidents: Many tourists are injured in accidents involving the streetcars or trolley systems in the Seattle/Puget Sound area. In most instances, the track was placed on old, deficient roads, causing dangerous conditions that are a breeding ground for accidents. We use experts to assess the road conditions and we hold the city, county or state accountable for their negligence in maintaining the track.
  • Train/railroad accidents: Train and railroad injuries tend to be very serious, even catastrophic injuries. Whether the train stopped short or the train crashed into a car or another train, we can help. We will handle your personal injury case from start to finish after your train or railroad accident.
  • Other mass transit accidents: The Dubin Law Group is skilled handling all other types of accidents involving public transportation in the Puget Sound area in Washington, such as accidents involving buses, light rail accidents, taxicab accidents — including accidents on water taxis — ride-share accidents and monorail accidents.

Strong Advocacy and Reassurance for Accident Victims

We recognize that facing the government or a large, well-known transit company in personal injury or wrongful death litigation may seem overwhelming. However, Matthew D. Dubin has years of experience representing clients in high-profile injury cases. He is an accomplished trial attorney who is passionate about helping injured clients and their families recover what they are rightfully entitled to receive.

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