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What Is PIP Coverage?

PIP (personal injury protection) is no-fault insurance that you carry to cover your own medical bills in the event of a car or truck accident. Whether you caused the accident or another person caused the accident, PIP will cover all “reasonable” and “accident related” expenses.

At least that’s what the policy says. The simple truth is, any time you ask an auto insurance company for money, it will look for a way to pay you less than the amount you are asking for – or nothing at all.

The insurance company may question the extent of your injuries or the kind of medical treatment you are receiving. It may request an “independent medical exam” (IME) – forcing you to go to multiple exams with multiple medical providers. The insurance company may even try to tell you what kind of treatment you should receive.

Our Seattle Attorneys Understand How PIP Coverage Works

Personal injury lawyer Matthew D. Dubin represents clients throughout the greater Seattle area. His primary objective is to protect your right to full and fair financial compensation by ensuring that your insurance company fulfills its obligations for personal injury protection.

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Making Sure You’re Treated Fairly

While some things are required by law — you do have to get an independent medical exam if it is requested by the insurance company. Our firm will make sure it’s done fairly:

  • If the insurance company decides to pay only the portion of your medical bills that it decides are “customary,” leaving you with the remainder of the bill, our firm will act as a mediator between the doctor and the PIP insurer to make sure the bills get paid.
  • If the insurance company’s doctor says no more treatment is needed but your own doctor does not agree, we will handle the insurance dispute over covered medical expenses.
  • If the insurance company refuses to pay, we will take the company to arbitration to force them to pay your bills.

Getting You Compensation From Your Personal Injury Protection Policy

If you are receiving unfair treatment from an insurance company after a car, truck or motorcycle accident, attorney Matthew D. Dubin will fight for you. Contact our Seattle law office online or by calling 206-800-8000 to learn more. We offer a free consultation and collect no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.