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Pursuing Insurance Claim Disputes in Washington State



Most people think of their insurance company as a friend who will help them out after an accident. However, it is not until they experience an insurance claim dispute or receive a low settlement offer that they discover the insurance company is truly not on their side after all.

Insurance Claim Dispute Attorneys in Seattle

As a Seattle insurance claim dispute attorney, Matthew D. Dubin works with insurance companies on a daily basis. His comprehensive understanding of how insurance companies operate coupled with his strong legal skills allows him to successfully resolve many insurance disputes and save clients from the stress of dealing with the insurance company.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident in the greater Seattle area, let Mr. Dubin and his staff handle all insurance matters for you. Contact the Dubin Law Group by calling 206-800-8000.

Protecting Your Rights When Disputing an Insurance Claim

Your Seattle insurance claim dispute lawyer plays two important roles during the time of your physical recovery:

  • When you are actively receiving medical treatment, your lawyer will act as a buffer between you, the insurance company and your medical bills. Your only job will be to focus on your physical recovery. The Dubin Law Group will make sure that all paperwork is completed. Worried about what to say to whom? About collection notices and medical bills? DON’T WORRY. Your law firm will handle this. It’s what we do.
  • After your medical treatment is complete, your attorney is your legal advocate. Your lawyer will obtain all information that is relevant to your claim, including photos, documentation of lost income, medical records, medical bills and other expenses, statements from your doctors, etc. We will use this information to prepare a strong case designed to obtain full and fair compensation.

Our primary objective will be to negotiate a fair settlement in order to save you money and quickly resolve your case. However, if the insurance company will not make a reasonable offer, Mr. Dubin will not hesitate to take the insurer to court.

Contact a Seattle Insurance Dispute Lawyer Today!

Insurance companies will always try to get away with paying as little as possible. If you are receiving unfair treatment from an insurance company regarding unpaid claims for car repairs or medical care, attorney Matthew D. Dubin will step in to fight for you. You will not need to deal with the insurance company. You will only deal with our office and we will handle the insurance claim dispute.

Contact our Seattle law office at 206-800-8000 to learn more. We offer a free consultation and collect no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.