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Was Your Child Injured on the Playground?

At the Dubin Law Group, our Seattle playground injury lawyers take pride in standing up for the rights of those who cannot stand up for themselves: injured children. Has your child has been injured at a school playground, public playground or daycare playground? You can be confident that our playground injury attorneys in Seattle will channel all of the strength and knowledge we have gained over more than 40 years of practicing personal injury law into getting compensation for your child.


Accidents on Playground Equipment

There are state and federal regulations that address everything from the playground equipment itself to the surface on which the equipment is placed. These regulations are designed to keep children safe. Unfortunately, they are not always followed as closely as they need to be. Playground equipment may be poorly designed in the first place, leading to an accident. It may be designed to be perfectly safe, but then assembled improperly or left without maintenance. No matter what caused the playground accident, we will find out who was responsible and we will hold that party accountable for the injuries caused to your child.

Injuries Due to Lack of Fencing Around the Playground

Rules regarding fencing differ for school playgrounds, public playgrounds and daycare playgrounds. For the most part, fencing is necessary not only to keep potential predators out, but to keep children from straying into nearby streets and becoming victims of pedestrian accidents, or wandering off to other potentially hazardous areas. If lack of fencing resulted in a child injury, our attorneys will take action.

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