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Seattle Attorneys Recovering Compensation For Injured Construction Workers

The construction industry is notoriously hazardous for workers of all varieties, including carpenters, concrete workers, bricklayers, roofers and others. Job sites and building projects typically represent large-scale investments with rigid deadlines. Even when workers are well-protected with helmets and hard-toe boots, they may be harmed in dangerous working conditions. The close proximity of humans to power tools, large machines, holes in the ground and tall structures sometimes leads to accidents and injuries.

Dubin Law Group is a well-trusted source of help for injured workers in the Seattle area. We have a proven track record and are prepared to pursue the highest available compensation for clients after construction accidents have resulted in serious or catastrophic injuries.

The Most Common Causes Of Construction Site Accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the most common fatal accidents in the construction industry involve the following scenarios:

  • Falling from heights and into holes such as basements or tripping over debris and other obstacles
  • Suffering electrocutions as well as electrical shock injuries that ultimately culminate in death
  • Being struck by dangling objects, falling objects and similar hazards
  • Being caught in or caught between machines or structures

Workers’ compensation is not the only path to financial recovery after a serious or fatal construction accident. Investigations may reveal that third parties were responsible. A manufacturer may be liable when products such as tools were defective, for example. Attorney Matt Dubin and our entire team often find causes to bring third-party liability claims to supplement workers’ compensation. Attorneys at our firm represent workers injured through high-rise condominium construction projects, road building projects and other construction projects around Seattle.

Our Goal: Support And Relief For Injured Construction Workers And Their Families

Our hats are off to the hardworking construction crews in our metro area. We are strongly committed to helping construction workers in our community who have been injured while building a better Seattle. As attorneys and as citizens, we strive to improve our city, too. It is satisfying to bring some relief to injured construction workers and their families through skillful personal injury and workers’ compensation representation.

Our injury law firm has a proven track record, demonstrating our capabilities as skilled negotiators and litigators. To request a free initial consultation with a lawyer after a workplace accident in or near Seattle or Tacoma, call 206-800-8000 or complete our online form.