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Catastrophic Injuries Can Be Life-Altering. We Will Fight for Just Compensation.

How do you put a price on a life-altering injury? An injured person can readily name what was lost, both tangible and intangible, and yet no amount of money can truly restore their losses.

The value of a personal injury lawsuit is two-fold: 1) it ensures the injured person receives adequate funds to cover medical care and financial losses, and 2) it holds the negligent party accountable. In the case of a drunk driver or a negligent doctor, holding them accountable may make a significant difference in how they act in the future.

If your life has been permanently changed by a serious personal injury, contact the Dubin Law Group online or call 206-800-8000 to discuss your case with an experienced Seattle lawyer.

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Legal Help After a Serious Personal Injury

Serious personal injury attorney Matthew D. Dubin has secured damages for people who have suffered all types of devastating and permanent injuries, including:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain damage ranging from difficulty concentrating and memory loss to severe cognitive impairment

Spinal Cord Injury

Loss of motor skills, loss of sensation, partial to complete paralysis

Neck Injury

Whiplash, nerve damage and debilitating pain

Serious Injuries

Loss of limbs and permanent scarring
Loss of eyesight or hearing
Compound fractures

Injuries Caused by E-Cigarette Explosions

Third degree burns
Loss of teeth
Broken bones
Serious damage to the face, mouth, throat, jaw and lungs

Ensuring Your Financial Recovery Is Fair

We retain the services of top medical experts to provide complex testimony regarding the current and ongoing need for medical care. We also create “Day in the Life” videos to illustrate the profound challenges that our injured clients and their families now face. Finally, we enlist economists and life care planners to project lost earnings. This package of information is presented to the insurance company in settlement negotiations, or to an arbitrator or jury if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

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