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Were You Hit by a Vehicle Backing Up?

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

More and more vehicles are being equipped with rear-facing backup cameras and backup alarms in order to prevent people from backing up and hitting someone. Unfortunately, not all vehicles have these features, nor are these features foolproof. People are still seriously injured in vehicle backup accidents. When this type of accident happens, the attorneys at the Dubin Law Group help victims get compensation.

Injuries to Children

Vehicle backup injuries can happen anywhere, from driveways to parking lots. Victims of these accidents are often children, simply because children are smaller and more difficult to see when backing up. Our lawyers take pride in handling cases involving injuries to children.

While these motor vehicle accident cases may involve claims for emotional distress suffered by a parent, the clear goal is to get compensation for the child. We will see that the child’s compensation is maximized and placed into a trust or blocked account appropriately so it will be available to cover recurring medical costs as the child grows older.

What If the Accident Was Caused by a Family Member?

It is not unusual for these cases to involve a parent backing over his or her own child. They may also involve a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or other family member.

If you are involved in this type of situation, we want you to know that this is exactly what insurance was created for. The driver’s auto insurance policy will provide coverage, regardless of the relationship to the victim. These cases do not require any animosity toward the driver, just aggressive attention in order to see that the insurance company provides the compensation the victim needs. Let us help.

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