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Matthew Dubin | Client Testimonial |Video Transcript

How were you injured?

Irvin Blacktongue: My first step was off the bus into that hole and that’s when my foot hit the bottom and then I fell over.  I didn’t know what was going on I didn’t know what it was, what happened , I was momentarily stunned.

How did the Dubin Law Group help with you with your personal injury claim?

Joleen Cochran : My dad didn’t have to do anything  except  for whether he had to go and actually show his injuries and tell what he had been thru, but other than that everything was handled by your office, Mr. dubbin’s office and we had no Hassle.

How would you describe your relationship with the Dubin Law Group?

Irvin Blacktongue: their good people, their caring people

Joleen cocharan: I didn’t feel like it was about the money , you know I was more about just making sure that all of my dads needs were  met.  that all his concerns asked like any of the bills he might have had or just everything that possibly could be a concern it seemed like they actually cared , and they took the time to explain things to my dad