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Mass Transit Accident

Matthew Dubin: My firm has extensive experience representing people who have been injured in motorcycle, bicycle and mass transit accidents.

There are many public transportation options in Seattle. We have buses, ferries, streetcars and trollies as well as light rail. Injuries that take place on public transportation can be more complex cases than private vehicle cases. Generally there’s a government entity involved, which requires different procedures than in a typical injury case. Seattle has become a very bicycle-friendly city and as a result, there are many more bicycles on the road. Unfortunately, one side product of that is there are more bicycle accidents. The most common excuse for drivers hitting motorcycles or bicycles is that they just didn’t see them, and that’s not a valid excuse. My firm uses a range of expert witnesses in preparing and prosecuting a case, including medical experts and accident reconstructionists. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle, bicycle, mass transit or pedestrian accident, you need an attorney who has experience handling this kind of case. At the Dubin Law Group, we’ve got the experience necessary to get you the best possible result.