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Local Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Talking Seafair Safety

Welcome back to seafair everybody here on kiro 7 going to talk to attorney man guba now safeway frankly around Seafarer especially when you get this many people in a confined space right that’s right Steve you know New Year’s Eve in the fourth of July or two of the most dangerous days of the year as far as traffic and in Seattle Seafarer Sunday ranks right up there with those we’ve got the added element of all the people out on the water and all the alcohol consumption that goes on during the day it makes it a relatively very dangerous day of the year now what is your biggest concern on this weekend well if there’s one concern it’s it’s drunk drivers you know for many people alcohol is a part of the celebration of Seafarer and that’s fine but you need to make sure that you’re not operating a boat you’re not operating a car when you’re drinking and if you’re a pedestrian or you’re out on a bike whether you’re part of the Seafarer festivities are just going through the neighborhood you need to pay extra careful attention to the other people you can control what you do but you have no control with the people around you are doing so those are the things to keep in mind certainly safety is a big a big item but in the broader sense this is a great celebration for the community you have to be proud to be part of this everyone in our office is so excited about being a part of sea fair it’s a Seattle institution and it’s an opportunity for everyone to get together as a community and really celebrate what makes Seattle unique so you know I graduated from UW on 95 and we’ve been helping injured people in seattle in the surrounding area for 20 years and so we feel like it’s a natural fit to be part of such an important community event like Seafarer we’re very excited to be here certainly you want to have a great time and no new clients this weekend right no no no new clients be careful for yourself be careful for others and enjoy the Seafarer festivities Matt Dubin thank you so much have a great weekend thank you.