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Introduction of Matt and creation of the book

That’s correctly and don’t want to ruin this beautiful book Matthew D Dubin has practice law in Washington since 1995 during the past 20 years he has helped thousands of people’s and families affected by almost every type of personal injury claim imaginable Matt attended Yale University where in 1990 he reserved a Bachelor of Arts degree in history after working briefly for the law firm Boyle Vogler and Hames in New York City he moved to Seattle and enrolled in law school three years later he received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Washington in 1995 he was admitted to the Washington State Bar and began his law practice matt is the founder of the Law Offices of Matthew D Dubin his main concentration includes all areas of personal injury law although most of his cases are resolved prior to trial matt has always believed that the only way an insurance company will pay their fair compensation for a claim is if it sees that the plaintiffs plaintiff is ready to trial the case to a jury trial matt has consistently been giving back to his legal community by being an active member of the American Association for justice and the Washington State Association for justice in which he has been an Eagle member since 2001 Matt lives with his wonderful wife Beth and their son Abe so without further ado please join me in a standing welcome for Matt [Music] Wow that just might be the best introduction that I ever wrote I’ll try to make that my last joke of the night I want to thank Patrick for being here for being the emcee tonight and for being my publishing coach I spent two years writing and and trying to get the knowledge that I had about personal injury claims and the challenges that that injury victims faced and at the end of two years I had a whole bunch of facts in a Word document saved on my computer that nobody would want to read I knew I had a book in me but I couldn’t get it to that point and I had the good fortune to sit next to a woman on an airplane and she saw that I was struggling with this this book content I was writing another chapter of facts a technical manual on how to do personal injury claims and she said you know I’ve worked with this guy Patrick snow and he’s an amazing publishing coach and he can help you get that book out of your head and into people’s hands where it belongs and I called him and within a year I had a book he helped me with workflow he helped me take those facts and turn them into stories that people would really enjoy to read that people would want to read and so if you’ve got a book in you if you’ve been saying for years one day I’m gonna write a book I strongly encourage you to take Patrick up on that offer and have the consultation because he will pull that book out of you and it you’ve all got a story to tell I encourage you to tell it so thank you Patrick.