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Injuries to children Video

Or questions two more questions before the commercial break right there I’m going to you well I’m not there quite yet but I know a lot of people think about yeah injury happens but what about my kids is there anything else to consider if the injured person is a child thank you the question is about injuries to children and there are a number of things that are different I’ve got a whole chapter in my book on injuries to children but but let me just say children need different kinds of treatment often sometimes they can’t verbalize what they’re going through so it takes a little more investigative work by the parents to make sure that you you really know if they’re hurt or not sometimes you need different kinds of expert witnesses in cases with children if it’s a playground accident there’s experts who specialize in playground safety and you would never need to consult with one of those for an adult case well maybe I like playing in the playground but you know experts on children’s safety is something that’s very specific and the last thing is when you resolve a case especially if you settle a case for children Washington law requires that that settlement be approved by a judge and that money gets placed in a blocked account until the child turns 18 and that’s not something most people can do on their own without an attorney so having an attorney like myself who has a lot of experience dealing with injuries to children can help make that process a lot easier and just make sure you don’t miss anything.