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How to get your injury bills paid

Then I talk about I talk about getting your bills paid one of the saddest things that I encounter in my practice is when somebody comes to my office six months or a year after their accident and they’re really hurting I mean you can tell they’re hurting they walk in their neck is stiff and they’re barely moving and they sit down and I say how long ago was your actually I was they eight months ago what what kind of treatment have you gotten oh I didn’t get any because I don’t have insurance I can’t help that person you can’t start your treatment eight months or 12 months after your accident and expect a jury or an insurance company to take it seriously so what do you do well if you knew all the options that were available you could do something about it I talked about that in my book if you have your own auto insurance you make sure you have your maximum personal injury protection and you can get a layer of medpay medical payment coverage on top of your personal injury protection that you can get that up to a hundred thousand dollars so except for the most catastrophic injuries you can make sure your bills get paid if you don’t have that you can use your health insurance even the worst health insurance that’s available even the Apple Health Molina the State Health Care it will provide the basic treatment that you need to start recovering from your accident and if you don’t have any of that you come to me and I can help you find providers who will treat you on a lien who will wait to get paid until the conclusion of your case there’s also companies that will pay your bills as you go and they’ll hold the lien and wait to get paid until the end of the case and finally the least optimal but still possible is is there’s financing available if you’ve got a strong case you can get in advance on your claim and use that to pay your medical bills the point is there’s options and if you don’t know your options and you don’t ask anybody you’re gonna make mistakes and when you make those mistakes you’re doing the opposite of maximizing your claim you’re giving it away and let me be clear about about this maximizing your claim people come to me who are looking to hit the jackpot I said to somebody else this is not a lottery in fact in 20 years practicing law I’ve never had a client at the end of their case take their check and say thank you so much for this check I would gladly go through this again for this money I’ve never met somebody who would do that and so when the insurance adjuster says to me well we think your client is faking and I say really who do you know that would go to physical therapy and chiropractic and acupuncture and get MRIs and CT scans and do all this and and leave their work and have to hire people to take care of their kids and families who would do that for a few thousand dollars I don’t know anybody who would but there’s a certain kind of mindset that believes that if you’re making claim your fraud or if you’re not a fraud you’re at least exaggerating and so knowing your rights in advance helps you counter that mindset it helps you make sure that what the law says you’re entitled to is something that you’re gonna get maybe an attorney can help you with that sometimes you don’t need an attorney I met with a potential new client yesterday and he came into my office and I talked to him and listened to what he had to say and he was a very fit young guy in his mid-20s you could tell he lifted weights he didn’t look that that hurt and I said how are you feeling he said I’m all right his accident was three days ago I said well you know well what are you thinking here what do you want what do you need he said I want to get a couple of massages I think if I get two or three massages I’ll be fine okay good you know that’s honest right he’s not trying to make something out of nothing I said you know what I respect what you’re telling me and you don’t need me I could take your case and maybe get you a couple thousand dollars and take a third of it but you don’t need me they’ll do that you’ve got the coverage already here’s what you do step three give it away right here’s what you need to do to get what you deserve what you need in this situation you can get your massage paid you can get a little money for the convenience and the pain and suffering it was clearly the other guy’s fault right you don’t need me.