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The Client Bill Of Rights

Lawyers will tell you that it is impossible to offer a guarantee in the legal business. WRONG! We believe that all law firm clients should settle for nothing less! Remember, your attorney works for you – not the other way around.

At the Dubin Law Group we confidently promise our clients quality service with personal attention. We believe that as our client you are entitled to have the following rights:

The right to loyalty to you and your cause. We are on your side and we are committed to place your interests first — even ahead of our own.
The right to be updated regularly and in a timely manner as to the progress of your case. We are committed to having at least one contact with every client every month. At times it may be necessary to communicate more frequently, but this is a minimum.
The right to our respect. We treat every client the way we would want to be treated.
The right to expect a high level of competence from our firm and everyone who works here.
The right to know the truth about your case. While we are on your side, we will not sugar-coat the truth. We will tell you the good and the bad about your case and empower you to make the decisions that are best for you and for your family.
The right to prompt attention from us. We are absolutely committed to being responsive to the needs of our clients. If you call for your attorney and we are not available, we will place you on the calendar for a telephone conference or in-person meeting with your lawyer. This is time that is set aside just for you.
The right to have your legal rights and options explained in plain English without legal mumbo jumbo. It is our job to know the law, and to explain it in real-world language to help you understand all of your options.
The right to a fair, written fee agreement with our firm. We review every word of our fee agreement with you at the beginning of our relationship. If you have any questions or concerns about our fee agreement at that time, or at any time, we want to know about it.
The right to have a fair attorney fee for the work we do. We are proud of the work we perform for our clients, and we believe it has great value, but you have a right to pay a fair fee for your attorney’s work. We discuss our fee at the beginning of our relationship, and we believe it represents fair value for the service we provide.
The right to make the ultimate decisions on your case. The way we see it, it’s our job to provide you with access to the legal system and information that will empower you to make the right decisions for you. We will NEVER accept or reject an offer, or make any other major decision regarding the course of your case, without your approval. It is your body that was hurt and it is your money we’re fighting for. We never forget that we are working for you and not the other way around.

Understanding Attorney-Client Privilege

All attorneys in Washington are governed by a code called the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC). We believe as attorneys we must live by these ethics in all that we do and say. Among these ethics is one specific right you should be aware of that your lawyer is absolutely required to provide: client confidentiality. This is called the attorney-client privilege. It means that your lawyer, or any member of his or her staff, cannot disclose most things you say or show to your lawyer. This is true if you have hired that lawyer or even if you just talked with a lawyer and communicated certain information. There are exceptions, such as when a person reveals an intent to violate the law in the future, but for the most part, this rule is inviolate.

We at the Dubin Law Group are committed to the highest standard in legal representation.