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FAQ Friday#8 – Road rage and defensive driving

Hello this is Matt Dubin Washington State personal injury attorney and I’m back with FAQ Friday number eight just reminder I thank you Friday is for you it’s your opportunity to get any questions that you have regarding car accidents auto insurance the civil justice system insurance claims anything regarding injuries or claims to get those questions answered so again just like always post your questions on our page or in response to this video and we’ll see them and we’ll answer your question in a future FAQ Friday video today I am going to preempt the questions and I am going to address a topic that I see come up over and over again with clients which is road rage the roads in the Seattle area and really all over Western Washington are increasingly congested and government policy both in Seattle and greater King County has been to discourage people from driving their cars by reducing available lanes of traffic and creating horrible horrible bottlenecks so for those of us who are still driving it can create a really frustrating situation problem is you are still responsible for your actions even if you’re frustrated hi June thanks for joining feel free to share the video on your page and if you’ve got a question right now about car accidents or auto insurance go ahead and post it and I’ll try and answer it today meanwhile what I’m talking about right now is road rage and we see it all the time traffic is backed up you could be sitting at a certain intersection for a long long time I actually just drove my car from first in pike to my office here at 5th and pike and it took more than half-hour the city has actually taken three lanes of traffic and narrowed it down to one so the right lane is buses only the middle lane is for cars and the left lane is a bike lane and where there is traffic allowed its left turn only so what’s happened is you’ve got cars feeding into Pike Street from both directions on the cross streets and when the light turns pedestrians are walking the traffic is not going anywhere there’s one lane of traffic you could literally be sitting on Pike Street heading eastbound for 40 minutes and not get anywhere and that’s pretty much what happened to me so I’m pretty frustrated right now but no matter how frustrated you are when you’re operating a motor vehicle you’re responsible for your actions the fact that you are angry with traffic or because some Yahoo cut you off and maybe flipped you off also and you might feel you’re justified in being angry but you’re controlling a motor vehicle which literally could be a deadly weapon and you’ve got to be careful even more so you’ve got to watch out for other people on the road you know as the population here in western Washington grows people just seem to be a little bit more angry there’s less tolerance for other people there’s less patience overall people are edgy and irritable and angry and you need to be super defensive when you’re operating your vehicle or even if you’re walking on the street because people do get so angry that they snap and lose control and I see it all the time here in my practice where cars are getting rammed or people are just disregarding traffic and trying to dart through gaps that are too small and people are getting hurt that’s right Jun defensive driving for the win I’ll add that hashtag to this post you’ve got to be defensive and while I’m talking about defensive drivers we represent a lot of motorcycle riders as and you know drivers of cars who hit motorcycles they always say well I didn’t see him he came out from nowhere he just appeared from nowhere well guess what motorcycles aren’t just appearing from nowhere they’re sharing the road with us and so our bicycles and pedestrians so it’s on us to pay attention but if you are operating a motorcycle or a bicycle or you’re a pedestrian or you’re driving a car on the road you’ve got to watch out for yourself because it’s getting really scary out there people look I’m a personal injury attorney I make a living off of making these claims against insurance companies on behalf of my injured clients I dream of a world where I would be out of business because there are no more injuries there’s nothing that would make me happier than an end to all motor vehicle injuries but with the way things are going here in Seattle and King County and up in Everett and the Houmas County and all of Western Washington things are just getting worse and watch out for yourself know in advance what to do if you are in an accident and you can check that out on my website we’ve got that information available if you want to get a free copy of my book maximizing your injury claim you can get that on the website too thanks so much for tuning in June share it with your friends and if you think of a question before next week go ahead and post that question and I’ll get it to you thanks again and for everybody else be careful out there know what to do if you’re in an accident make sure you have good insurance and if you have any other questions or you know somebody who you think might have a claim or you’re putting your kids on your car insurance you want to know what kind of coverage to get or anything else go ahead post those questions in response to this video and I will make sure to answer them in the very next that Bakke you Friday hey Andreya thanks for joining I’m just wrapping up but if you have a question I can address it otherwise if I don’t see one I will catch you next time as well and from me and from all of us here at the Dubin Law Group be safe and I’ll see you next Friday Thanks.