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FAQ Friday #4 – How can you be in Seattle and Everett at the same time

Hi everybody this is Matt Dubin Washington State personal injury attorney and I’m back for my fourth installment of FAQ Friday just a reminder FAQ Friday is designed for you this is an opportunity for you to get any of your questions regarding car accidents personal injury claims or anything regarding the civil justice system answered by an experienced personal injury attorney me Matt Dubin so let’s get right into it this week I’ve got a question from Ryan which is how can you be in Seattle and Everett at the same time and this is a great question and I’m actually really excited to answer it so Ryan the answer is that we’ve been practicing in Seattle for almost 20 years but from day one we’ve been representing clients in Everett and all across Snohomish County in fact a large percentage of our clients have always been from Snohomish County I can’t tell you how many of our clients have the Boeing health plan so we’re very familiar with that and for a lot of our Snohomish County clients it’s been a little bit inconvenient to have to drive to downtown Seattle or take transit to get to us and a lot of the things we do in the case can be done remotely we can do it over the phone or with Skype obviously with modern technology we’re able to communicate and exchange documents without them physically coming to my office but for some things physical contact is required and so we would have our clients from Everett or from around Snohomish County coming down to our office in Seattle dealing with the traffic and the parking for a deposition or a face-to-face meeting maybe a recorded statement maybe some other things arbitration hearings and so we wanted to basically make the process easier for Arsenal Hamish County clients and so we were very excited when the opportunity arose to open our Everett location in April of this year and now it’s coming towards the end of August so April May June July August were five months in not even six months yet but we’re regularly meeting clients both new clients and existing clients here in our Everett office we’re looking forward to conducting depositions and arbitration hearings up here our office is at 1714 hewn Avenue it’s just the perfect location for a personal injury law office in Everett we’re just one block north of the Snohomish County Superior Court were a block west of the Xfinity Arena it really is centrally located so it’s convenient not only for our clients who live in Everett but really anywhere around the Houmas County from Monroe or Snohomish up to Mount Vernon which I guess is now out into Skagit County but you know for Skagit County clients that the thought of coming down to Seattle could be a little bit intimidating or overwhelming but to be able to come and meet with us in our downtown Everett office I think hopefully provides a very valuable service to them so that’s the history of it we still maintain our downtown Seattle office and we meet a lot of clients we do a lot of work out of our Seattle office but we now have this presence in Everett where we’re able to meet with clients and conduct their cases so to get back to your original question which is how can you be in Seattle and Everett at the same time well the answer is that the Dubin Law Group is a lot more than just Matthew Dubin sometimes I like to think that it’s all about me but the reality is that we have built an organization that started out with just me and has grown into a really excellent high-power injury law firm with four attorneys seven support staff and we are working night and day all of our clients matters to move them forward protect their rights make sure that the insurance companies aren’t taking advantage of them and ultimately get them the best recovery that the law allows so we’re currently working a rotation where I have my senior associate who is an amazing attorney Rebecca la liberté she is spending all day Tuesday and Thursday here in the Everett office and that’s where I am right now recording this video she spends Tuesdays and Thursdays working on her cases meeting with clients in our Arsenal home accounting clients know that she’s up here on Tuesday and Thursday so they’re able to schedule meetings phone calls in-person whatever with her here in Everett if that’s more convenient for them I am spending all day on Friday in the Everett office so for the clients I’m representing and for the work that I’m doing on their cases I’m spending all day Friday in addition we have the flexibility to send any of our attorneys or staffers up to the Everett office for half a day or a whole day or even an hour to meet with a new client to conduct a meeting or a hearing or a deposition it’s a great base of operations when we know we’ve got a trial in Snohomish County because we can work from here and know the courthouse is just a block away and then it’s an easy hop back to Seattle so we have found beyond even our expectations of having this permanent physical presence in Seattle has really made things better for our clients and for our attorneys and our staff in working on the cases for our Everett and our arsenal Holmes County clients so we’re very excited to be here we don’t know what the future holds we may expand our Everett operations and have a more consistent permanent presence up here but for now we find we’re able to serve are you know our North hugest sound clients really really well by having this second physical location in Everett in addition to our downtown Seattle location so I hope that answers your question obviously I can’t be physically in one place in two places at the same time but I am so proud to say that I’ve built this organization that allows us to be in many places at the same time doing many things at the same time and as I said we’ve got our phones our answer 24/7 you can reach us through our website on live chat or through our intake forms we’ve got our attorneys with an after-hours phone so that they can take messages we are equipped wherever you are to listen to you to hear your concerns to address them and if we can help to be working night and day to make sure that nobody takes advantage of you and then at the end of your case you walk away with everything that the law says you deserve so that’s it for my fourth edition of FAQ Friday I hope that this has been informative and just a reminder to everybody watching I would love to answer your questions so you can post your question as a comment to this video or when we announce next week’s FAQ Friday you can post your questions as comments to that as well and it can be anything anything car accidents bicycle accidents motorcycle pedestrian boating accidents mass transit or it can be just a general question about your car insurance or your homeowners insurance or umbrella or general liability insurance it can be a question about trials or arbitration if you’ve got any and it doesn’t have to be a real situation you might just have a curiosity that you’d like somebody to address for you and I’m happy to provide that service so ask me your questions I will keep track of them and I’ll be back next Friday for my fifth edition of FAQ Friday and until then from me and all of us with the Dubin Law Group be safe enjoy the rest of your summer and thanks for watching I’ll see you next week.