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Everett Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Helping Injured Bikers

Between 2010-2014 there were a combined 153 fatal motorcycle accidents in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties, and an additional 780 accidents that resulted in serious, non-fatal injuries. The common misconception is that motorcyclists are more accident prone and reckless than other drivers. This is not the case. However, motorcycles lack many of the protections that other vehicles have such as windshields, doors, and seatbelts. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are five times more likely to be injured in an accident than the occupants of cars. Further, the injuries sustained by motorcyclists are more often severe, even catastrophic, leading to brain damage, paralysis, or death. Sometimes no matter how careful a motorcyclist is, he cannot avoid the consequences of a careless driver.

What You Do After A Motorcycle Crash Matters

Immediately following an accident, it is most important to focus on the safety of yourself and other victims. Remaining calm and not engaging in an altercation with the other drivers is key. If you are able, gather the names and phone numbers of any eyewitnesses to the accident. Get the badge number and names of the police officers at the scene who complete the incident report. Shortly thereafter, contact your insurance company to report the accident and a motorcycle accident attorney to review your legal options.

The cost of repairing your bike can be minor compared to the medical bills and lost wages. Insurance companies are quick to offer a settlement that will satisfy their interests but will not cover your losses. Financial recovery through a claim or lawsuit might be the only way to recover from the medical and financial devastation that often results from an accident.

Get An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The benefits of an experienced attorney are multifold. A lawyer can ensure medical bills are paid properly and on time, that there is no undue harassment by insurance companies. Having the right lawyer can also increase the odds that you will be fairly compensated for your pain and suffering.

Here at the Dubin Law Group, our Everett motorcycle accident attorneys have experience dealing with insurance companies. We know how to deal with not only the at-fault drivers insurance who caused the collision, but your insurance as well. We are well suited to handle any and all personal injury cases. We pride ourselves on compassion and vigorously fighting on behalf of our clients. Don’t let the insurance company steal your right to a fair recovery. Call us now at 206-800-8000 to speak with one of our Everett personal injury attorneys. Or if you prefer you can contact us online using the form below or through live chat on the side.