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Playground Injuries Can Be Serious and Life-Changing

Playgrounds should be all fun and games, but sometimes they can be the site of serious injuries. These injuries can range from minor scrapes to broken bones or head injuries. If your child or one close to you has been injured on a playground in Snohomish County, or anywhere in the State of Washington, the Dubin Law Group can hold the liable party responsible.

Poor Maintenance or Design Defect

Scrapes and bruises are a natural part of childhood – but not if they are caused by improperly maintained slides, ramps, or swing sets. National and state safety standards exist to create safe play spaces for our children. However, parks, schools, and recreation center equipment are subjected to significant wear and tear. The resulting uneven surfaces, loose nails, or protruding edges can cause unsafe conditions. At the Dubin Law Group our playground injury lawyers will investigate who failed to properly maintain the playground, whether it is a park, school, or business.

Improper/Negligent Supervision

Perhaps the problem was not the playground itself, but the person supervising your child on the playground. When you entrust someone to care for your child, you should be able to count on that person to keep him or her out of harm’s way. The caretaker must take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable harm. If a teacher, babysitter, or other instructor has failed to take these steps and your child was injured while playing, we can also help. The right to sue a school or teacher may depend on Washington state’s immunity laws, and the Everett attorneys at the Dubin Law Group are well versed in these laws. We can help navigate your claim whether it is against a school or park, public or private.

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At the Dubin Law Group, our Snohomish County attorneys have experience in helping injured clients fight for the compensation they deserve from at-fault parties. Your focus should be caring for your child, not industry safety standards, investigations, or insurance claims. Our knowledge of the legal system and claims process will get you and your child the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free, no-commitment consultation.