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Community Transit and Everett Transit Bus Accidents

Community Transit is the public transit authority for Snohomish County. It operates throughout the county, excluding Everett, which is serviced by Everett Transit. Community Transit operates a fleet of around 225 buses, as well as a number of paratransit vehicles and vanpool vans. Community Transit also provides commuter buses to Downtown Seattle and the University of Washington campus in Seattle.

With so many vehicles on the road, Community Transit frequently causes injuries to passengers and other people on the roads. Buses don’t have seat belts, and passengers can be thrown violently when a bus is involved in a collision. Also, because buses are so much bigger than cars, a collision between a bus and a car can cause serious injuries to the occupants of the car. Finally, bus drivers sometimes fail to observe pedestrians and strike them, causing sometimes catastrophic injuries.

Because Community Transit is a division of the Snohomish County government, there are special procedures that must be followed before you can make a claim for your injuries, damage to your car, or lost wages. Also, Community Transit is self-insured, so instead of an insurance claims representative, your claim will be negotiated with a government risk management department. At the Dubin Law Group, our attorneys have experience pursuing claims against Community Transit. We know exactly what to do to protect your rights and we know how to prepare your claim to get you a maximum recovery. Like insurance companies, risk management agents usually offer unrepresented people less than half of what their claim is worth.

If you or someone you love was injured in an incident involving a Community Transit vehicle, call one of our experienced personal injury attorneys at 206-800-8000 today to avoid potential disaster.

Everett Transit

Everett is the only city in Snohomish County not to belong to Community Transit. Instead, the City of Everett operates a municipal transit company called Everett Transit. Everett Transit operates local fixed route bus service and paratransit services within the City of Everett.

Just as with Community Transit, Everett Transit vehicles frequently cause collisions that result in injuries to passengers, drivers, and pedestrians.

When you are injured by the negligence of an Everett Transit driver, you need an attorney who understands bus crashes and who knows the procedures you need to follow for claims against the City of Everett.

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