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Dubin Law Group – We’ve got your back!

My name is Matt Dubin I’m the founder and senior attorney with the Law Offices of Matthew D Dubin in Seattle Washington we’ve been representing injured people since 1998 we take great pride in the quality of our legal representation and advocacy but the thing that makes us really special is the relationships that we build with our clients we treat every client as if they were our family and that makes the difference in how we represent them and how we get results most of my clients are just ordinary people who don’t know anything about the personal injury claims process that’s why I wrote this book maximizing your injury claim this book has all the information I would tell a new client about how the injury claims process works what to expect from an attorney and what we’re up against with the insurance industry we represent all kinds of personal injury claims from minor whiplash all the way to wrongful death we have several catastrophic claims including severe permanent traumatic brain injuries loss of limbs and paralysis in addition to our work representing our own clients we’re actively involved as Eagle members with the Washington State Association for justice if you’ve been hurt in an accident you need legal representation now call us at the Dubin Law Group we’ll give you a free no commitment consultation and let you know what we can do to help you.