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Can old auto accident cases be consulted with an attorney

And thanks for coming Lizzy it’s good to see you again.

Thank you. I have a question regarding an automobile accident that occurred eleven years ago and there seemed to be a defect with the automobile itself. There was no airbags that deployed, and I was just wondering is it possible that that’s a case that you that a personal injury lawyer could investigate eleven years after the accident?

Okay. So the question is about a claim that results from a defective motor vehicle 11 years ago and whether a lawyer could talk to her or look into that case. And absolutely a lawyer could talk to you and investigate. There’s a lot of factors that go into whether you could actually make a claim. Part of it is where the injury took place. You know, part of it is being able to prove going back 11 years the cause of the accident. Probably the biggest potential obstacle will be the amount of time that passed. But it absolutely is something that you should be able to talk to a lawyer about and see if it’s something that they could help you with. And I’m, if you don’t already have it, I’m happy to give you my card and give me a call and I’ll talk to you about it.