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Law enforcement is concerned over fatal crashes in King County

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2024 | Car Accidents |

In Seattle and throughout King County, auto accidents remain one of the primary ways in which people suffer unexpected injuries and sudden loss of life. Law enforcement and others in positions of authority are aware of the problem and are increasingly concerned about the most recent statistics for auto fatalities.

A major challenge goes beyond people having accidents due to distraction, drowsiness or general recklessness. Outright traffic crimes are believed to be significantly responsible for a large percentage of the increased fatalities. As solutions are sought, people using the roads must be cognizant of how to remain safe.

Massive spike in felony traffic crimes a worrisome trend

The latest statistics from the King County Felony Traffic Unit that were released in May 2024 show that the number of traffic crimes that are charged as felonies has risen by 143% in the past five years. Regarding overall road deaths in the area, the most recent comprehensive numbers are for 2022. That year, 151 people lost their lives. From 2014 through 2022, that is a spike of 94%. Even collisions where people survived – but suffered serious injuries – saw a stunning increase of 561%.

Prosecutors along with the Felony Traffic Unit are referencing various factors that are contributing to the number of deaths. More drivers are getting behind the wheel after using alcohol and drugs. This hinders their judgment, reactions and decisions. In addition, a greater number of accidents involve pedestrians and people on bicycles. Since they do not have any protection, there is a far higher possibility for catastrophic injuries and death.

Law enforcement is trying to emphasize how important it is for witnesses to road misbehavior to report drivers who are placing others at risk. Still, even with people calling police if they see a vehicle being operated in ways that place others in jeopardy, the problem persists. Police cannot catch everyone.

With the dangers on the rise, people should know their options

These statistics are troubling and people must be fully aware of the potential for injury and death because of how people are driving. Despite the attempted crackdowns and understanding of why the numbers are so problematic, it is likely that drivers will keep acting in these dangerous ways.

With that, there will continue to be auto accidents with severe injuries and death. Considering the long-term implications of these types of crashes, people should consider how they will move on personally, financially and emotionally. That may require advice on what steps to take in the aftermath.