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Despite safety initiatives, Seattle road deaths have been rising

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Like many cities across the United States, Seattle has set out to reduce its number of fatal auto accidents. Programs like Vision Zero are at the forefront of making the roads safer for everyone. However, the statistics show that despite some incremental improvement, road deaths have continued to rise.

As people head out, they are unlikely to think about the dangers that lurk around every corner. This is true if they are walking, riding a bicycle, on a motorcycle or are in an automobile. Unfortunately, people suffer catastrophic injuries and lose their lives with a troubling frequency and it is imperative to think about what can be done following a crash.

Seattle Department of Transportation releases its Vision Zero review

According to the Seattle Department of Transportation, the Vision Zero program has shown some promising results, but it is not as successful as hoped. In 2022, there was a decrease in road deaths compared with 2021, but the number has been rising since 2018.

Local representatives lament the spike in fatalities and are striving for solutions beyond Vision Zero. District 2 had the most pedestrians suffering severe injuries and fatalities in the city. Fifty-six percent of these types of collisions in all of Seattle occurred in that district. The way the streets are configured is said to be a major challenge.

SDOT says that in 2022, 93% of pedestrian fatalities occurred not on side streets or roundabouts, but straight roads. One, Rainier Avenue South, had 17 pedestrian accidents. The road is compared with a highway in the middle of the city.

Regarding Vision Zero statistics, 7% of accidents involved pedestrians and bicyclists but made up 93% of road deaths. More than one in three pedestrian accidents happened when vehicles were turning at an intersection. Among the ideas being floated are ending drivers’ freedom to turn on red lights and better lighting, more sidewalks and bike lanes.

Auto accidents can cause extensive problems and having help is crucial

The aftermath of an auto accident, whether it involves catastrophic injury or fatality, can leave those involved and their loved ones desperately searching for answers. The emotional, personal and financial challenges that come up after this type of incident are enormous.

Although SDOT, lawmakers and law enforcement are trying to implement solutions to this problem, it is not going away. The most vulnerable people are pedestrians, especially children and the elderly.

Still, these accidents can happen to anyone. To hold drivers accountable for what occurred, it is useful to have assistance early in the process. Contacting qualified professionals with more than 25 years of experience can give advice about how to be sufficiently compensated.