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Growing concerns continue about the safety of Interstate 5

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Every day, thousands of drivers travel on Interstate 5 (I-5) that cuts through the heart of Seattle. Many of these drivers are well aware of the road’s poor conditions and have cited their growing concerns. State officials are quite aware of these concerns.

Witness along many stretches of I-5 the road and construction crews hard at work, repairing and replacing pavement, performing seismic work on bridges in case of earthquakes, and repairing expansion joints. But is all this work going to be enough to ensure the safety of drivers?

Construction through 2030s

Built in the 1960s, I-5 needs great attention and repair. As a result, the state has implemented dozens of repair projects expected to last through the 2030s.

Some of these construction projects have led to growing congestion along I-5. Combine this road congestion with impatient, unaware and reckless drivers and chaos is bound to emerge.

As a result, roadway collisions are becoming more common on I-5.

Safety tips driving in construction zones

Here are some tips when driving in construction zones:

  • Pay attention and remain alert: Sometimes, you may never know what to expect, whether a construction vehicle enters your lane, or a reckless driver does. On I-5, there are many lane closures at night, too.
  • Avoid speeding: Drivers endanger construction workers, other drivers and themselves by speeding.
  • Drive without distractions: Avoid talking on the phone, texting, eating and other actions that take your eyes off the road.
  • Practice patience: Delays will happen. Losing your temper will not help.
  • Avoid unnecessary lane changes: This goes hand in hand with practicing patience. Such a lane change may lead to a collision.

By following these tips, you just may save someone’s life as well as your own life.

Safety of drivers and passengers

I-5 is getting some long overdue attention and repairs. And that attention is focused on the safety of the drivers and their passengers who frequently travel on this great West Coast highway. Expect the repairs to last into the next decade. In the meantime, continue to practice safe driving habits.