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“Vision Zero” not on track to meet its goals, some say

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Car Accidents, Fatal Crashes |

According to many in Seattle, the streets are just not safe. Seven years ago, Seattle enacted its “Vision Zero” initiative. The aim was to end traffic fatalities on city roads by 2030. Yet many feel that as of now, the initiative will not meet this lofty goal.

Is Vision Zero on the right path?

Vision Zero may not be meeting the goals it set when enacted. According to one report, 2021 was the deadliest year for traffic accidents on Seattle roads since 2006. 2021 also saw a peak in pedestrian fatalities in Seattle. In fact, pedestrian fatalities totaled almost two-thirds of traffic fatalities in Seattle in 2021.

One expert believes that the lack of congestion on city streets last year played a significant role in the increase in fatal traffic crashes. This may be due to the fact that motorists were more willing to take risks, such as speeding, when traffic was lighter.

Some blame the poor progress of Vision Zero on Seattle’s road design. They believe that traffic lanes intersect with railroad tracks and bike trails in a way that makes all these forms of transportation less safe.

An order from the mayor that reduced speed limits to 25 miles per hour seems to have done little to prevent motor vehicle crashes. It seems that motorists mostly ignore the lower speed limits and continue to travel at a higher rate of speed.

Can traffic fatalities be totally eliminated?

Will Seattle be able to completely eliminate traffic deaths anytime soon? Many would say this is an unachievable goal.

Traffic fatalities will continue, leaving those affected by them in serious financial straits. After all, if your loved one was the breadwinner for your family and is suddenly taken away in a fatal traffic accident, you could be left with many unaffordable bills to pay along with other financial hardships.

Moreover, you are dealing with the loss of companionship your loved one provided. For these reasons, many of those who lose a loved one in a traffic crash choose to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit to obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.