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Despite safety programs, Seattle road deaths still high

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Deadly accidents are such a frequent problem in Seattle that state agencies, legislators and law enforcement are constantly seeking solutions to improve safety. This is especially true for pedestrians and bicyclists. Part of the safety initiatives has been the ambitious Vision Zero program in which the goal is to end traffic deaths and severe injuries by 2030.

Despite that, the roads are still dangerous for several reasons. It is imperative to think about accidents and their causes while knowing what options are available if there is an accident.

Busy roadways and lack of infrastructure hinder safety improvements

Vision Zero started in 2015. Some roads have seen marked improvements while others have not. Infrastructure changes take time, especially for roads that are the main arteries to get around the city. It also takes time for drivers to adjust to the new landscape.

At specific risk are pedestrians. Across the United States, this has been a burgeoning concern.

In 2020, when fewer cars were on the road, many were taking liberties with adhering to the speed limits and violating other laws. Certain neighborhoods were worse than others. People of color were found to be in crashes at a higher rate. Those without a home comprised nearly one-third of fatalities.

Experienced advice can be key when deciding what to do after an auto accident

As recent statistics show, achieving the lofty goals of Vision Zero will be complicated. The number of accidents has been gradually getting worse. With these worries, people need to consider how they will proceed if they are injured or lose a loved one in a motor vehicle accident.

Medical expenses, emotional impact, diminished income, the need to care for a loved one with long-term injuries and the aftermath of an unexpected fatality are all factors to weigh after an auto accident. For help with assessing the accident, determining the cause, gathering evidence and taking all the necessary steps to recover compensation, it is wise to consult with qualified professionals as soon as possible.