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Woman killed in a light rail train accident

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Train Accidents |

The most difficult legal question involving a pedestrian and motor vehicle accident is: Did the driver of the vehicle act negligently? If the driver acted with negligence, the injured person or loved ones may sue the driver for damages. Negligence is also a factor in mass transit accidents, though the layers of insulation surrounding a public entity, like a city- or state-operated train station, add complexities to a potential negligence case.

An unfortunate death

According to the Seattle Times, a woman recently fell from a platform at the Mount Baker Station, just as an inbound train arrived. Sadly, the woman died as a result. Further, the reporters found that this was not the first time. In the summer of 2021, another pedestrian fell from a platform at the same station.

Could this death have been avoided?

Some light-rail transit systems in other countries and cities utilize automatic platform doors at their stations. These doors help mitigate the dangers from a train and pedestrians on a platform interacting. However, many municipalities and transit authorities rely on their existing structures, despite modern safety advances available.

Special laws for mass transit

Mass public transit cases have more potential complications than a typical motor vehicle accident.  Trains and other mass transit vehicles often operate under common carrier laws, which offer protections to the carrier and their passengers. On the whole, carriers owe a duty of care to their passengers..

However, filing a lawsuit against a government agency requires special considerations. Before you can sue the government or public mass transit, you must first file a notice of claim. This gives that entity the opportunity to respond.

If negligence results in an accident, you do not have to deal with the red tape alone. If you or a loved one want to discuss your circumstances involving a Seattle, Washington, mass transit accident, an attorney experienced in hundreds of similar cases can help you navigate your options.