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Bus accident victims will need to know where to turn

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Bus Accidents |

As is the case in other major cities, buses are a common site in and around Seattle. In addition to the public bus system and the local schools, many other businesses offer bus transportation to the public.

Thankfully, bus accidents are relatively rare compared with car accidents. However, when they do happen, victims frequently suffer severe injuries just given the size and design of large passenger buses.

Basically, the same principle applies to bus accidents as to any other motor vehicle accident. The person who is responsible for the accident should pay compensation for all of a victim’s injuries.

Legally, though, bus accidents can be complicated. For one, victims might not know exactly where to turn for compensation.

For example, if another vehicle strikes the bus, a passenger can sue the driver of that vehicle. Even so, there may not be nearly enough in insurance proceeds to compensate that passenger.

The good news is that as common carriers, most bus companies owe it to their passengers to take all reasonable steps to prevent injuries. Even if another driver is also responsible, the bus company may need to pay compensation to injured passengers.

On a related point, most bus companies must carry millions in insurance to pay for compensation to victims, including those who trusted the business company to take them safely to where they wanted to go.

Bus accident claims may be legally complicated for other reasons as well

 It can take a lot of investigation to fully understand what caused a bus accident.

To add to this, bus companies will often fight hard to protect their reputations and their businesses. Instead of admitting responsibility, they may instead be willing to invest the time and money into denying fault.

All in all, it can be hard for a Washington bus accident victim to get the compensation they need and deserve without professional legal assistance.