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Road fatalities in Washington State the worst in two decades

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Road safety is a primary focus throughout Washington State. Although automakers are striving to make vehicles safer with various features, accidents are still happening at a troubling rate. In these collisions, people often suffer severe injuries and fatalities. It can be beneficial to track the number of crashes that occur, analyze why they happened and formulate solutions. This has taken on greater urgency with recent statistics showing that in 2021, Washington State roads had the most fatal accidents in two decades. Knowing the cause can also be essential as victims and their families assess their options.

Numbers show road fatalities are still on the rise in Washington State

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission says there were 663 road deaths in the state in 2021. According to the most recent statistics for 2022, the trend is getting worse with more deaths for the first three months of the year than there were for the same time in 2021. Anecdotal evidence from law enforcement suggests that drivers are distracted behind the wheel and exceeding the speed limit, adding to the risk of accidents.

To try and reduce the frequency of crashes, the Traffic Safety Commission is creating an advertising campaign to emphasize safe driving to the public. Representatives from the Safety Commission believe that education can be effective. This is especially important over the summer as more people will be on the road. Simply wearing a seat belt can be the difference between catastrophic injuries and walking away from an accident.

Help is critical after losing a loved one in an auto accident

These statistics are troublesome in myriad ways. Even with automobiles being equipped with safety features designed to avoid crashes, they still happen and people are getting hurt and losing their lives with a worrisome regularity. In a best-case scenario, the safety campaign will yield positive results. Still, those who have lost a loved one in fatal motor vehicle accidents must remember their rights.

It can be difficult to get beyond an unexpected loss, but having guidance is imperative. The entire case must be investigated from the start. The lost companionship, lost income, loss of consortium, medical costs, funeral costs and more need to be calculated. This can be overwhelming after a fatal accident and it is crucial to have help. Discussing the situation with those experienced in fatal auto accidents can provide compassionate assistance with moving forward.