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The warning signs of a brain injury

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Brain injuries fall into the category of potentially serious injuries. A brain injury can result in a life-long disability, such as inability to walk or speak clearly, or a brain injury may be nothing more than a temporary headache. A complete description of various brain injuries and their symptoms is obviously too broad a topic for a blog post, but knowing the key warning signs can be the difference between a quick and complete recovery and a permanent disability.


The symptoms of a brain injury are usually caused by an injury to the blood vessels in the brain. Any injury that allows blood to escape from these vessels and flow into the brain cells. This blood puts pressure on the brian tissue and causes pain. What may at first be perceived as a minor bump may develop into truly dangerous conditions such as confusion, irritability, dizziness, blurred vision or feelings of lethargy or fatigue. A severe headache that does not go away can signify a fairly serious injury. Some symptoms can appear to be emotional disturbances, especially in children. These symptoms may include changed sleep habits, unusual irritability, constant crying, or loss of interest or sadness or depression.


Most serious brain injuries are caused by a hard hit to the head caused by a fall or car accident. A collision with a door or cabinet does not usually result in a severe injury. Some conditions require immediate medical attention to allow a physician to take steps to relieve the pressure on the brain. Treatment can range from nothing more than bed rest to sedation to surgery to open the skull and remove the extra blood.

Long term issues

According to the Mayo Clinic, post-injury conditions could include cognitive problems, such as executive functioning problems, communication problems, issues with social skills, behavioral changes, emotional changes and sensory problems.

Obviously, consultation with a physician is a necessity in the case of a suspected brain injury. Because the long-term effects of a brain injury can be so debilitating, a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney may be helpful if the injury was sustained in an accident.