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The danger of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Semi Truck Crashes |

In most American cities, including in Seattle, Washington, it is common to see construction work, which usually involves several different types of vehicles, including cement trucks and semi-trucks. If an accident occurs between a car and a truck, the results can be extreme and tragic. If two trucks (or some other types of large vehicles) collide, the results can be positively disastrous.

Depending on how great the impact is between the vehicles during the accident, there may be extensive damage to the vehicles, not to mention the harm that may come to the people involved. The trucks may also be carrying hazardous materials that can harm people as well as the environment.

Accidents involving trucks and smaller vehicles

In an accident that involves a truck and a smaller vehicle, if the truck driver caused the accident, the truck driver and the truck manufacturer are both accountable. It goes without saying that an accident involving a truck will cause a lot more damage than an accident involving cars alone.

If a car makes a minor error on the road, the consequences may not be extreme. An example of this might be changing lanes without signaling. However, if a truck driver makes the same mistake, especially if the truck driver is going fast, the consequences may be devastating.

The possible causes of a truck accident

There are many reasons why an accident can occur. If the accident is the fault of the truck driver and/or their employer, the following reasons may be why:

  • Not enough training regarding driving approach, safety, and defensive driving
  • The driver’s desire to drive faster to enhance productivity
  • Unreasonably heavy schedules

Because trucks are so heavy and powerful, there is a good chance that if you are hit by a truck while driving your car, you will sustain a severe injury and damage to your vehicle. The accident is bound to impact your life in numerous ways, which is why seeking the advice of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who can provide legal support and who can stay by your side throughout the entire process may be a wise decision. The right advice can shape your future and will help you to move on after a devastating accident.