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Motorcycle accidents in Washington

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles start to appear on Washington’s roads with more frequency during the summer months. There’s less precipitation in some parts of the state, and visibility tends to be better. People are ready to enjoy themselves again. However, the increased number of bikes also means there’s a larger number of motorcycle accidents around this time of year. What’s worse, while motorcycles make up less than 5% of vehicles on the road, they account for 15% of the deaths in motor vehicle accidents.

What statistics show

In a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle, the rider is more likely than not to be the problem. Roughly 70% of crashes that are fatal for riders have riders who are at fault. In order to combat this, police departments in the Seattle and Tacoma areas are providing more education for the public. The Target Zero Program is designed to provide reminders about basic road safety for both bikers and drivers.

For riders, it’s important never to get on a bike while they’re under the influence. They also need to really work to stay at a safe speed. Drivers need to remember to check their blind spots more frequently during the summer months when bikes are on the road. Everyone also needs to understand that law enforcement will be doing special weekend patrols to monitor motorcycle safety.

Of course, many accidents involving motorcycles are caused by drivers of other vehicles who become distracted, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who are negligent in other respects. If you have been injured by such a motorist, reach out to an experienced attorney for help in obtaining compensation for the losses that you have sustained.