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Personality changes and the devastating consequences of a TBI

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2021 | Traumatic Brain Injuries |

Individuals often only have a nebulous understanding of what challenges follow a traumatic brain injury (TBI). From blurred vision and persistent headaches to trouble sleeping and memory challenges, victims often struggle through a broad range of symptoms. Unfortunately, the severity of these symptoms can make it difficult for victims to grow personal relationships or maintain gainful employment after a catastrophic motor vehicle collision.

One aspect of TBI that might not receive much attention is the possibility of psychiatric difficulties. In addition to anxiety and depression, those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury might suffer numerous personality changes that could impact every aspect of their lives, including:

  • Trust issues: Cognitive impairment can lead to disrupted trust as those suffering from a TBI find it hard to recall fine details of various relationships.
  • Emotional outbursts: Often caused by frustration, the individual might lash out verbally at loved ones who are attempting to provide emotional support and guidance.
  • Shame and loss of integrity: These outbursts often lead to a moment of clarity where the individual is shameful of how the situation was handled. Additionally, he or she might feel their integrity has been damaged in the eyes of those around them.
  • Unresolved conflict: It is not uncommon for the victim of a TBI to have an angry outburst and have no recollection of it later leading to an unresolved conflict.
  • Physical aggression: Emotional outbursts might ultimately lead to physical aggression, unfortunately, injuring caretakers and loved ones.

These personality changes and mood swings are often impossible to predict and accurately diagnose. Medical professionals have a difficult time warning individuals about the potential consequences of a TBI as there is a wide range of symptoms and every person experiences them differently. Unfortunately, a TBI can make it nearly impossible for the victim to maintain employment and avoid financial ruin.

Following a serious motor vehicle collision, it is wise to get a thorough examination by a trusted medical professional who can provide guidance on your injuries and treatment. Additionally, discuss your options for monetary recovery with an experienced attorney.