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Driver allegedly under the influence causes major collision

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | DUI Crashes |

For years people throughout America have been told to drive “defensively” in order to be aware of the danger posed by distracted drivers, drowsy drivers and drunk drivers. However, sometimes all the care in the world cannot prevent serious car accidents from being caused by negligent and reckless drivers. This appears to be the case in a recent car accident in the Seattle area.

The accident: what happened?

According to the reports, the accident in question occurred on January 20 during the morning hours. The initial reports indicate that the accident appears to have occurred because a driver in a SUV attempted to change lanes on Interstate 5 and, as the driver did so, the SUV struck a smaller vehicle and a third vehicle as well. The collisions resulted in the SUV and smaller vehicle rolling over on the interstate.

The driver of the smaller vehicle suffered injuries in the collision that were described, thankfully, as “non-life-threatening.” A person in the SUV – not the driver – suffered more significant injuries. The driver of the SUV was reportedly taken into law enforcement custody and will likely face DUI charges.

Car crash involving a drunk driver

Drunk drivers on the roads have been a menace almost as long as automobiles have existed. Despite efforts by public and private awareness campaigns, drunk driving doesn’t appear to be going away. When Washington residents are injured in a crash caused by a drunk driver, they may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to attempt to recover financial compensation to help them pay the unexpected medical costs, among other expenses, that oftentimes arise in the aftermath of a car accident.