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Sheriff investigating fatal hit-and-run in University Place

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Fatal hit-and-run traffic accidents provide one of the most tragic kinds of collisions. In addition to the death of one or more persons, the culprit has disappeared and may never be held to account for causing the accident. Police in Pierce County are investigating a recent hit-and-run accident in University Place in which a teen aged  driver was killed.

The accident

When sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene, they found a heavily damaged Mazda 3 on the side of the road. The 19-year-old driver, who was the only occupant of the Mazda, died at the scene.

Deputies were able to find an unoccupied Cadillac STS just east of the accident. The Cadillac, like the Mazda, was heavily damaged. Even though the Cadillac was empty, detectives found a single black shoe on the floor of the driver’s side. Deputies also found evidence that the driver had suffered an injury before fleeing the scene. Neighbors told police that they heard the sound of the accident and then heard loud voices shouting about “getting out of here.”

Finding the escaping driver

Sheriff’s deputies checked with the owners of the Cadillac and learned that their son was receiving medical treatment at a nearby hospital. Taking the black shoe with them, deputies found the suspect wearing another black shoe that matched the one found in the Cadillac. The sheriff’s office said that it has obtained a warrant authorizing the taking of blood samples from the alleged driver of the Cadillac.

Now what?

Police will continue investigating the accident to verify whether the driver of the Cadillac was at fault for the collision. They will also review samples of the Cadillac driver’s blood to determine if he was impaired. Witnesses and forensic evidence from the scene may help determine if the Cadillac collided with the Mazda and whether it may have been speeding before the accident.

Can anyone claim damages?

The family of the deceased driver of the Mazda may have an excellent case for wrongful death damages against the driver and perhaps the owners of the Cadillac. Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one under similar circumstances may wish to investigate the potential of recovering damages. An experienced accident attorney can provide invaluable help by evaluating the evidence and providing an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages.