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News: Twelve separate crashes involving 31 vehicles blocks I-5

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Accidents in the News, Car Accidents |

LAKEWOOD, WA – A multiple-car collision on southbound I-5 ended up being 12 separate crashes that involved 31 different vehicles on Thursday afternoon.

This crash scene involving so many vehicles was reported on southbound I-5 at milepost 125 around 3:36 p.m. according to a tweet by Washington State Patrol District 1.

Local authorities originally reported it was a multiple-car collision between 8 vehicles, but reported later it was 12 separate crashes among 31 vehicles.

Traffic was blocked on all lanes while local authorities sorted out the collisions, but drivers were able to use the shoulder to go around. It took around three hours to clear the highway.

No injuries have been reported yet.

Investigations into the cause of the crashes are ongoing.

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