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News: Car crash and shooting at McDonald’s in Puyallup

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Accidents in the News, Car Accidents |

PUYALLUP, WA – A two-vehicle crash led to a shooting at the Puyallup McDonald’s on Tuesday evening.

According to King 5, the incident happened around 9:25 p.m. at the McDonald’s on 2nd Street NE.

An individual drove to the McDonald’s in order to confront someone for assaulting a female friend. Upon arriving at the restaurant, the suspect rammed the other person’s car intentionally. The collision caused one of the vehicles to hit the McDonald’s building.

After the crash, the suspect began to hit the occupants of the other vehicle with a crowbar. Someone in that vehicle pulled out a rifle and began shooting.

The altercation resulted in two injuries. One person was shot and another struck with a crowbar. Both individuals were transported to a local hospital and are expected to survive.

Before the police arrived the individual who instigated the crash fled the scene. Police have not apprehended the suspect at this time.

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