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26-year-old with massive arrest record picked up after deadly crash

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Accidents in the News |

A 26-year-old man in Washington was recently arrested again after a fatal accident. He is no stranger to the legal system, as his extensive record of more than 30 arrests shows all too well. He is also a convicted felon. Some of his arrests were for more simple crimes, such as reckless driving, but this most recent arrest could prove to be the most important one of his life. 

Back in 2018, the man was involved in an incident and wound up with vehicular assault charges. He was still waiting to go to trial. However, a judge allowed him to be released from jail pending trial.

His freedom did not last long. He’d only been out for a matter of weeks before getting involved in another traffic crash. A 61-year-old man lost his life. The younger man was arrested again, this time on charges of vehicular manslaughter. 

The deadly accident involved a motorcycle on which the older man was riding. That man was thrown from his bike and killed in the crash. The younger man fled the scene on foot and tried to hide behind a shed, but the police found him. They do not yet have the test results, but they believe he was under the influence, which may have been why he caused the accident (and why he tried to escape afterward). 

Car accidents are always a risk when you’re on the road, but stories like this show that some drivers clearly present a much larger level of risk than others. If you get involved in an accident or lose a loved one due to a negligent or reckless driver, make sure you know what legal options you have.