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Dubin Law Group COVID-19 update

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Firm News |

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As a consumer and a member of this community, I must tell you I’ve been a bit annoyed by the flood of Coronavirus updates in my inbox. Literally every company I’ve ever done business with has send me an update letting me know how they’re handling the pandemic, dealing with the ongoing “stay at home order” and continuing to provide great service. I have resisted providing such an update for the Dubin Law Group because I don’t want to insult you and I don’t want to inappropriately capitalize on this tragic situation.

But things have changed. On the afternoon of April 2 our Governor extended the stay at home order through at least May 4, 2020, with the possibility of extending it even longer. Things have gotten real, folks. People are scared. They’re scared of the virus and their scared of losing their jobs, defaulting on their rent or mortgage, and not knowing what to do.

It is my hope that the programs being implemented by the federal and state governments will be enough to get us through this and allow our economy to get restarted once things return to normal (which they will), but I share many of your concerns.

In times like these the health and wellbeing of our families and our close communities are most important. For me, that is my wife and son, my extended family, the entire team at the Dubin Law Group, an amazing bunch of people who dedicate their time and passion to make us the best damn personal injury law firm in Washington, and our injured clients, who already had enough on their plates before this pandemic hit.

I want you to know that we took steps, even before the Governor’s order, to keep our people safe. We offered the option of working from home TWO WEEKS before the order, and although only a few people took the option at first, the numbers grew so that by the time of the order we already had more than half working from home.


The Dubin Law Group was literally built for a situation like this. We are entirely paperless. Our intake and practice management software systems are all encrypted, and cloud based. Our phone system directs incoming calls to whatever phone we designate – even a home or cell phone. We are meeting frequently with each other using Microsoft Teams, and we are not missing a beat. Over the past few weeks we have improved and refined our procedures for working remotely, and we are operating at 100% efficiency.

There are some unique challenges with personal injury cases right now that are out of our control. For one, people who get injured in a car accident don’t want to go to the emergency room. Who could blame them? If you are injured, do what’s best for yourself and your family. If you need emergency care, please get it. If not sure, call your primary care physician and see if you can get a video or telephone appointment. Your doctor can help you determine if you need more aggressive treatment or diagnostics. In any event, the insurance company can’t hold the delay in treatment against you, under the circumstances, although you can be sure they’ll try.

We are also facing challenges getting our clients’ medical records and bills. Frankly, health care workers have more important things on their minds these days. We understand the challenges currently faced by our health care community. We are being patient but persistent in making sure we get the documentation to support our clients’ claims.

Insurance companies are considered essential services and they are still working. Even though most adjusters are working from home, and most courts are closed, we can still negotiate and settle claims on behalf of our clients.

If there is a silver lining to come from this whole situation, it is that motor vehicle accidents and resulting injuries and deaths are way down. I have always said I would gladly find a new profession if we could live in a world with no motor vehicle accidents. I know this is temporary, and as things get back to normal and drivers return to the roads of Western Washington the collisions will return as well, but for now I am grateful for the lives that are being saved by having fewer cars on the roads.

If I have any message for the people of Western Washington, it is this: Stay safe. Stay strong. Follow the social distancing guidelines. If you can, work from home. We need your work, your creativity, your productivity. Cherish the extra time with your kids, even when they’re driving you crazy. I know its cliché at this point but continue to wash your hands frequently. It really does make a difference.

And know that all of us at the Dubin Law Group are wishing you and your families well. We’re here for you Washington. And we’ve got your back, always.