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Cyclist struck and killed in hit-and-run crash in Seattle

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The death of a loved one is a challenging event for anyone to cope with. Whether one sees it coming or not, it takes much time to process this loss. However, when a family member is killed because of a negligent motorist, one does not only deal with the pain of this loss but is also left with many questions. And when the accident involves a fleeing driver, waiting for these answers and legal recourses can be trying.

According to recent reports, a cyclist was struck and killed in a hit-and-run crash in Seattle. Authorities believe that the crash occurred shortly before 5 p.m. near Rainer Beach. Based on preliminary investigation, it was reported that it was a white sedan traveling southbound struck the biker and then drove away from the scene.

Emergency crews responding to the accident attempted to provide life-saving measures as the scene of the accident. But, the cyclist was declared dead at the scene. Investigation is still ongoing and authorities are still looking for the vehicle involved in the crash. They believe that the vehicle should have extensive damage to the front end and the windshield. Once located, this driver could face both criminal and civil penalties for the incident. A wrongful death lawsuit could be pursued by the surviving family members, helping them address the damages suffered.

A hit-and-run crash can be a challenging time for those effected. The investigation period and waiting for answers is difficult, but once information is available, this can be used to provide closure for surviving family members. Nothing can replace a loved one killed in an accident. Though, when a wrongful death action is filed, this could help address the losses and damages experienced.